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The making of a childhood hero

Good morning,
I don’t know why but I woke up this morning thinking of Terry so I decide to check up his storey to remember the date he started and when would be the next marathon of hope. And what do you know it’s today…Anyways I was 7yrs old living in Burnaby BC when he started running, I remember watching him on our t.v. Everyday I would watch him do so. I was fascinated by his courage to run in despite of his handicap and the maritimes harsh weather(rain, and wind)He had eclipsed Guy Lafleur(though an incredible athlete too) my hero at that time. By the time I had my 8th birthday on June 17 he was going to enter my birth place of Montreal, a place I had only heard of but didn’t know anything about.So I would see Montreal through the eyes of Terry and T.V. He changed the way I viewed life. I wish I could be more like him, have more courage and dedication to commit… I try to in everything I do. Patience is a virtue that Seems like an everyday marathon lol …Though there will never be another Terry, we all are Terry ….love to all….

Ubald Chamberlain

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