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Be part of a movement inspired by Terry
to raise funds for cancer research

The Terry Fox Story

When Terry Fox was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at 18, the experience ignited in him a fierce determination to bring an end to the suffering cancer causes. His personal experience and research led him to the conclusion that more money was needed for cancer research. And so, on April 12, 1980, Terry dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean and proceeded to change the world.

Terry Fox…
An Inspiration For Everyone

Terry Fox…An Inspiration For Everyone

Who was Terry Fox?

Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete, humanitarian, and cancer research activist. After losing his leg to cancer at only 18 years of age, Terry set out to do the impossible: run across Canada, one marathon a day, in pursuit of his dream to find a cure for cancer.

What was the
Marathon of Hope?

In 1980, Terry’s journey to raise money for cancer research began and he called it the Marathon of Hope. With fierce determination and hope, Terry completed an average of 42 km each day, every day for 143 days. He ran a total of 5,373 km.

Terry’s Route Across Canada
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Ran for 143 Days

Terry ran every day with fierce determination and hope.
Terry competed for 143 days without stopping.

42 km Per Day

Terry ran an average of 42 km each day.
That’s a full marathon every day.

5,373 km Total

From St. John’s, Newfoundland to Thunder Bay,
Ontario through 6 provinces.

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The Terry Fox Organization

The Terry Fox Foundation and Terry Fox Research Institute work in unison building on Terry’s dream to end cancer through research.

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