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My Dad and I see Terry Fox

I was 19 years old when I seen Terry Fox.
I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada ??
My Dad and I were on the Queensway, just coming up the crest of a hill heading east going past what was at the time, the Paladium in Kanata near the highway exit what is now named Terry Fox Drive. As we topped the crest of the hill, we noticed on the opposite site of the Queensway going west, a police ? car heading west and behind the police ?‍♀️ car was none other than Terry Fox running being followed by a small mobile camper. At that time, my father pulled to the side of the road, stopped his vehicle and we both got out and stood there watching Terry Fox on his run as my father explained to me who Terry Fox was, me being 19 at the time and not really to concerned about current events in the world. After my dad filled me in on who Terry was, and what his marathon of hope was for. We watched him running for what seemed like an eternity at the time until he disappeared from sight and then we continued on our way. I learned later that terry had made it to almost the end of Ontario before he had to abandon his run. Terry passed away not long after, and I, like the rest of the world who knew of Terry were heartbroken. Since then, I have always thought of that day with my father when together we had the privilege of seeing this courageous young man, anytime Terry Fox name was mentioned. Terry Fox has had a profound impact on me, my children my grandson and everyone who ever heard his name.
God bless you Terry Fox you were a true super hero to all.

John Pilon

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