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I ran with Terry

I was training for the Mtl Marathon. As a journalist with radio station CJAD I was asked to cover his arrival in Mtl by greeting him on the Jacques Cartier bridge and running him into the center of town. Accompanied by the CBC’s Sta Gibbons and Peter Della Riva, place kicker for the Mtl Alouettes we accompanied him the 6-7 km to destination stopping a couple of times along the way for live interviews on the radio. I remember how impressed we were that he would run a full (42km) marathon every day on one led while we were training progressively to do ONE marathon on two healthy legs. He was not yet recognized for what he was doing but I feel that our small involvement and the media exposure we gave him on CJAD radio and CBC television Mtl, was the beginning of the recognition he finally obtained from then on. I think Della Riva also had arranged for him to appear for a ceremonial kick-off at the Als home game. Souvenirs I have never forgotten.

Guy Thibaudeau

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