Take the Terry Fox Challenge!

A challenge is a great way to build incredible school spirit. In celebration of this year’s 40th Anniversary of the Marathon of Hope, challenge students to meet a fundraising goal for a fun promise. Terry set goals every day, what will yours be?

How it Works

Is your school participating in The Terry Fox National School Run this year? Step it up by taking The Terry Fox Challenge! It’s FUN and EASY! Issue a challenge to your students. IF the objective is met, THEN a fun promise is kept. For example,

If all classrooms fundraise, then we all get a no homework weekend!
If we raise $2,000, then we get to have an obstacle course race!
If we raise $5,000, then our principle will sing over the P.A. system!

  • Set a fundraising Goal
  • Pick Your Challenge
  • Invite your students to participate
  • Start Fundraising!
Terry Fox Challenge - Chicken!

Tell us about your Challenge