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Help us reach 1000 School challenges!

Be one of 1000 Canadian schools to hold a Terry Fox School Challenge this year and be entered into a draw to win a visit from Fred Fox, Terry’s brother. Fred will share amazing memories of Terry, as well as re-enact your own school’s challenge. A Challenge is a great way to build school spirit!

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Issue a challenge to your students.    IF the objective is met,     THEN a fun promise is kept.

How it Works

Is your school participating in The Terry Fox National School Run this year? Step it up by taking The Terry Fox Challenge! It’s FUN and EASY! Issue a challenge to your students. IF the objective is met, THEN a fun promise is kept. For example,

IF we raise $500 more than last year, THEN the principal will sing Karaoke.
IF we raise $1000 this year, THEN the gym teacher will dress as a superhero.

  • Set a fundraising Goal
  • Pick Your Challenge
  • Invite your students to participate
  • Start Fundraising!
Terry Fox Challenge - beard
Terry Fox Challenge - Chicken!
Terry Fox Challenge - 3

Challenge Ideas

  • If our schools raises $1000 our principle will shave his head
  • If we increase fundraising by $500 a teacher will dress up in a costume for a day
  • If our school sets a fundraising goal teacher will switch places with a student for a day
  • If our schools reaches our fundraising goal we get an extra school dance

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