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The day I met Terry fox

I remember when I was 8 years old I was in my father’s suburban going from blind river Ontario to my grandma’s house my dad was heading to work at the uranium mines in elliot lake with his car pool I looked out the window and saw someone running on the highway we stopped it was Terry fox,he was sun burned and bleeding a bit from his leg I asked Terry “are you ok” Terry replied I’m OK kid and he smiled and said cancer will be beaten ,I gave Terry my $10.00 allowance and as he ran off into the sunset I knew I had just witnessed something great ,I was only 8 now I’m 45 and this still touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes to this day ,god bless you Terry fox I love ya brother you told me cancer will be beaten and you are right we are so so close Dr Hong has come out with something called.br23 that kills the cancer cells without harming the healthy ones and more and more people are surviving I’ll continue to honor your memory and pray and push for a cure for cancer,I’ll leave you all with these final words for thought: the body is just a shell and must one day be laid to rest our true legend and legacy comes from within us spiritually and lives on in the life’s of those we have touched and is immortal you are alive and well in spirit and soul and in our hearts Terry ❤

Len Horton

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