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I remember, like many Canadians, starting to hear more and more about this amazing person who was running across Canada. I would listen on the CBC about his journey and his day and would think to myself that this was simply amazing.

Then, the unbelievable…Terry’s Marathon of Hope was going to come to my small town! Anticipation grew. I got more and more excited and the energy in my little town started to bubble over. Plans were made. Routes and stops and celebrations were all set. I was am one of the lucky ones…I saw him that day, run into our town. He had stopped at a correctional facility to inspire but then had to make his way into town to do the obligatory speech and shake the hands and sign the paraphernalia…but this wasn’t just any day…it was his birthday!

I can only imagine how tired he was but it never showed. I often wonder what he wished for on that day when he blew out the candles. I hope he knows that he achieved them a hundredfold

I cherish the memory and everyday I look at the signed poster that so proudly hangs in my house and it inspires me to do more and be better.

Pamela Pike

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