A huge thanks to Terry’s niece, Kirsten Fox, who is sharing her try with us to get the ball rolling.

Terry would be proud of her try!

Try Like Terry Challenge

Hey Canada, show us your try! Terry had a seemingly unlimited try but you don’t have to run a marathon a day to show us yours.

It can be big or small, bold or simple, serious or funny. What matters most is that you make the effort and inspire others to get involved and give. In the end, hopefully people will surprise themselves and share in the feeling that anything is possible if we try.

Start now! Create a short post (photo or video) and put it up on your social media with the #TryLikeTerry hashtag and tag @terryfoxfoundation. Be sure to tag some friends to try something they’ve never done. Include a donation link in your post.

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The first is the Try Like Terry Challenge, taking place from July 28 – August 14. This challenge is geared at getting you onboard and ready to start participating in our upcoming events.

The second will be the Train With Terry Challenge, taking place from August 23 – September 19. Join the challenge, and train for the Terry Fox Run, taking place on Sunday September 20.

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“Terry Try” Moments

Long before Terry Fox dipped his toe in the Atlantic to begin his Marathon of Hope, he had to try to learn how to walk all over again. Then he had to try to run again. First streets, then hills, and eventually, mountains. He had to go out and gather support for what seemed like a “crazy” idea, a run across Canada for cancer research. And even once he began, he had to try every day, to push past the pain, exhaustion and sometimes doubt.

Cancer may have taken a lot from Terry, but it could never take away his “try”.

September 1, 1979

Just 902 days after Terry lost his leg to cancer, he entered the 27-kilometre Prince George to Boston Marathon. It was one of Terry’s most pivotal “try” moments. Although he finished last, he proved to himself that he had the strength, stamina and heart to undertake the audacious idea that was forming in his head. Just seven months later, he dipped his foot in the Atlantic to begin his Marathon of Hope. #TryLikeTerry

Facing a gruelling uphill, 3-kilometre stretch of highway, Terry wore a shirt that read “Montreal River Here I Come” on the front and “I’ve Got You Beat” on the back.

What’s your uphill battle? #TryLikeTerry and register for the Mt. Terry Fox Trek today. terryfox.org/trek/

Terry had a “try” that was global in reach and scope. Join the Terry Fox Ride of Hope and fundraise for cancer research while cycling 40,000 kms, the circumference of the globe, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Marathon of Hope. #TryLikeTerry

Register today: terryfox.org/terry-fox-ride-of-hope/

When Terry told his mom and dad that he was planning a cross country Run, Betty asked him why it couldn’t just be across BC. Terry’s answer, “because it’s not just people in BC who get cancer.” He knew that the only way he could reach his enormous fundraising goal of $1 million was to take on our huge country, one Canadian at a time. One ask at a time. One try at a time. Terry died knowing his try had touched the hearts of 24 million Canadians.

Don’t say cancer can’t be defeated. Say we have to try. Don’t say I can’t make a difference. Say I have to try. What’s your fundraising try? #TryLikeTerry

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“The answer is to try and help others.” – Terry Fox