Becoming a Terry Fox volunteer is an incredibly rewarding experience, not only will you be directly responsible for sharing Terry’s message of hope, courage and determination, you will be giving back to your community. Our Terry Fox Runs are 100% volunteer run, so we are always on the lookout for passionate Terry Foxers to help us out.

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Your community

Bring your community together for a truly rewarding event

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New relationships in your community

See old friends, make new ones

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Friends, family and community

Bring everyone together for a great cause

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Share Terry's message

You will be directly responsible for keeping Terry's legacy alive

  • Lead a team in your community
  • Make new lasting friendships
  • Lend your organizational skills to an amazing cause
  • Be a part of something truly special
Back in 1997 when I was sitting waiting for the nurse to start my first chemo treatment I saw a picture of Terry Fox on the wall. The nurse told me that his research money actually helped develop the drugs for my treatment. I had always been a participant in the annual Terry Fox Run and when the run in Newmarket needed an Organizer I decided to take it on as that day back in 1997 stuck in my head.
In 2005 I became a Volunteer Organizer and haven’t looked back. What a rewarding feeling the annual “Run Day” is. A sea of people all sharing Terry’s goal to find a cure for cancers. I couldn’t do it without the help of so many volunteers as well as the staff at the Terry Fox Foundation who are always there to encourage and support you. Thank you
Laurie Osbourne
I am very proud to be part of the Terry Fox family and to a lead a team of amazing people. We are blessed to be able to raise money for cancer research. We are healthy and do it for those who can’t. The feeling after the Run is indescribable.
Marilyn Wax Binder
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