“We learned that Saint John would have nothing organized for us. I try so hard and then get let down. I am going to run right down this city’s main street. Doug is going to follow behind and honk. We will be rebels, we will stir up noise. People will know Terry Fox ran out of his way to Saint John for a reason!”

“I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Too hot and humid. I was dead all morning for the 12 miles. Very, very tired. We ran through Petitcodiac where the school kids clapped me on. The next 10 miles were better and we got back on the Trans Canada. The paved shoulder had a steep slant and it is hard on my ankles. I took another break during which I did phone calls and then did my last 7 miles. Then we drove back 50 miles to Moncton for a press conference and a dinner (fundraising). After that we drove 50 miles to bed.”