“There were lots of people out to cheer me on and support me. Incredible! … I had another dizzy spell during the Run. Still freezing, but I wasn’t wearing sweats so people could see my leg. I’d run just over twenty-eight miles.”
“Today I was scheduled to run into Charlottetown at 9am. Therefore I got a chance to sleep in. It was great! We got up at 7am. I went and ran 3 miles into town. Along the way 2 schools greeted me and cheered me on. Many people are congratulating me and I cannot figure out what for. It was an outstanding reception by a great town and province. We busted our butts out to make the ferry! From Cape Tormentine I ran 15 miles along highway 955. Highway 955 is very rough – this is part of the reason my runners are wearing so fast and I am getting blisters and chafing.”