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“I'm not a quitter”

We're kicking off this year's Terry Fox Run on September 18, 2022 with a special limited edition shirt. All proceeds support cancer research in Canada.

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“At some point in our lives, each of us will be required to reach deep into ourselves and hope we can find the strength within to take one more step like Terry did.”
– Michael Bublé

“I'm not a quitter”

We're kicking off this year's Terry Fox Run on September 18, 2022 with a special limited edition shirt. All proceeds support cancer research in Canada.

“Terry Fox, one of Canada’s most impressive and memorable athletes, continues to inspire us today. Though he lost a leg to cancer he didn’t allow it to crush his spirit, his will to survive, nor his determination to help others, and give us all hope for a cancer free future.”
– Catherine O’Hara

“Every single time I’ve done a Terry Fox Run, I felt that I was a part of something bigger than me,” says Alessia Cara. “He impacted our country and so many people forever.”
-Alessia Cara

“I have a picture of Terry up in my house. Underneath, there is a quote that says, ‘Today we got up at 4 am. As usual it was tough.’ I think it speaks to the determination that he had. Knowing how difficult the task was but having the willingness to do it in order to help so many people, raise awareness, and make a difference.”
– Sidney Crosby

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“Terry Fox and his influence have been a catalyst for ground-breaking positive change, not only in Canada but in the world beyond for decades. By celebrating his life and what he stood for, we encourage and remind generations beyond his to be inspired by his legacy and to continue persevering in the pursuit of a better world for humanity.”
- Ryland James

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“Terry Fox is an inspiration to me because he was an ordinary Canadian who decided to do an extraordinary act. He was an athlete whose drive and passion was directed outwards towards others battling cancer. His legacy is one that should inspire us all to act in ways great and small to help those around us.”
– Perdita Felicien

“The phrase “I am not a quitter” reminds me of how Terry did his absolute best with what he had and never made excuses. He worked hard, and lifted others up along the way and inspires us to do the same!”
- Patrick Vellner

Fred Fox for Terry Fox

"Terry Fox is a hero to most and an example for all!"
- Michael "Pinball" Clemons

"Terry Fox, a shining example of courage in the face of overwhelming odds!"
- Margaret Atwood

Lainey Lui for Terry Fox

I love the quote “ I am not a quitter.” It is so powerful to say those words out loud. When times are tough I believe it is one of our greatest strengths as humans to be able to find that next gear to dig just a little bit deeper, and believe in the possibilities. It has helped me on many occasions throughout life and my sporting career. It is also a great reminder of how Terry never gave up.
-Kaitlyn Lawes

“We're often guilty of taking our heroes for granted, forgetting the struggle and challenges they faced. As we embark on the 42nd anniversary of the Marathon of Hope, we should pause for a moment of empathy and try to imagine ourselves in our hero’s shoes, appreciate the struggle, the effort, the sacrifice and the doors opened.”
– Josh Trager & Erin Agostino

"I look to Terry for inspiration to never give up, to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to focus on what matters most."
- Michael Mazza

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“Terry…forever my hero! He continues to inspire me and others everyday.”
– Darryl Sittler

"Anyone can quit. It takes a special kind of courage to convince yourself you are worthy of staying the course."
- Catherine Reitman

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“I am not a quitter - that means not giving up on things you hold close to your heart, be it people you care about or dreams for yourself and a better world. It means believing in the possible and committing to it.”
-Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

“Some days are extraordinarily tough. I am homework and housework and raising and bathing and praising kids. I am also self-employed and self-doubt and self-hustle. I am tougher than the toughest of days. Because I’m not a quitter.”
-Amanda Brugel

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"I learned about Terry Fox for the first time in grade school. I remember being super interested in his story as we were taught about his resilience and passion for what he was doing. I think Terry represents what a true Canadian attitude and mentality are, which inspires me to push myself daily knowing how strong-willed he was."
-Penny Oleksiak

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