We are happy to accept any cheque donations and pledge sheets from your fundraising efforts. Please click here for a full list of instructions.
Yes! The 2020 Terry Fox School Run is set for Wednesday, September 30, 2020 (or any date that works best for you). Although this year’s event will look a little different, the outcome will remain the same; to raise funds for cancer research. We are excited to have all schools from coast to coast to coast join us as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope.
To celebrate this year’s 40th Anniversary of the Marathon of Hope, we have launched fun and exciting classroom/individual based activities for schools! Visit our new page: Classroom Activities – What’s Your 40?
This year we are asking schools to donate online through their link or by searching for their school name. Schools can share their fundraising link on their website, email communications or social media. Sample messaging and images will be available to help you every step of the way.  Online donating is safe, easy and donors can receive their receipts immediately.
An email has been sent to School Run Organizers with their school’s fundraising link and further details on the 2020 Terry Fox School Run. If you did not receive it, please contact us to update your school’s contact details.
If your school participated in the 2019 Terry Fox School Run, you are automatically registered for this year’s event. If you did not participate last year, click here to register your school.  If you are unsure if your school participated in the 2019 Terry Fox School Run, please contact your Foundation Provincial Office by emailing them directly.
Send an email to your Foundation Provincial Office with your updated contact information. Be sure to include your name, and the name and city of your school in your communication. 
Due to workplace restrictions, we are unable to produce Terry Fox tattoos or dedication stickers this year. We are however excited to ship you posters and a complimentary t-shirt to help you promote your event. We know our promotional materials are a big help to many schools and so we will also be sharing brand new online resources
We strongly encourage schools to donate online in the effort to minimize contact and keep administrative costs low during these unprecedented times.  A downloadable pledge sheet will be available online for occasions when it is necessary to receipt unexpected cash or cheque donations.  For more information on the availability of printed pledge sheets in your province, click here to contact your Foundation Provincial Office directly.
The safety of your students is a top priority for us and we are monitoring updated Provincial guidelines closely. To assist you, have launched virtual classroom and individual based fundraising activities. Check out our “What’s Your 40?” activity page.
We are working on creating some exciting virtual options with a variety of guest speakers as an alternative to in person visits. In addition, our newly created school assembly video is always available for individual or classroom viewing. Representatives will not be visiting any schools for assemblies this fall. 
T-shirts can be ordered directly from our website. Click here to place a bulk order for students and/or staff. Invoices are emailed to your School Run Organizer and shipments are sent directly to your school address. T-shirt sales are added to your school’s fundraising total as merchandise proceeds also support cancer research. 
The best way to help your school is to create your own student fundraising page. Simply search for your school name and select “Set up a Student Page’ to create your own fundraising link to share with friends and family, and watch your school’s fundraising soar.
Yes! Your first step in organizing a leadership initiative at your school is to check with your School Run Organizer and/or administration for approval. Be sure to check out our new elementary and high school leadership guides for this year.
To celebrate this year’s 40th Anniversary of the Marathon of Hope, we’ve launched our “What’s Your 40?” classroom and individual activities. We’ve also created a Virtual Terry Classroom with various resources to help inspire you to go to the distance for this year’s Anniversary event.
Student safety is a top priority.  Schools should follow local heath guidelines as it relates to this year’s event. Classroom/individual activities will be provided to schools to help ensure safety.
Go to terryfox.org/students to create a student fundraising page.  Simply follow the prompts to create and easily share a link with friends and family to reach a fundraising goal.  Your child’s fundraising will automatically be added to your school’s total.
Online donating is safe, fast and easy. To remain in compliance with provincial health guidelines and maintain social distancing, we are encouraging online donating for your fundraising method of choice. Donations are receipted immediately by email. There is no minimum donation for online donations – every dollar counts!
To make a donation directly to your child’s school, go to terryfox.org/givetoastudent and enter the name of their school. Simply follow the prompts to complete the process and receive your receipt immediately by email.
If your child has created their own fundraising page under their school name, you must click on their link that they have shared with you, in order to have your donation appear on their page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please email your Provincial School Office