Digital ToolKit

Everything you need to share your fundraising effort and experience online with family and friends! Choose from a variety of creative assets to share across all social media platforms and find loads of relevant information and resources below.


Download here: Facebook Cover (JPEG), Facebook Landscape (JPEG), Facebook Square (JPEG), Facebook Stories (JPEG).


Download here: Instagram Landscape (JPEG), Instagram Portrait (JPEG), Instagram Square (JPEG), Instagram Stories (JPEG).


Download here: Twitter Header (JPEG), Twitter In-Stream (JPEG).


Download here: LinkedIn Cover (JPEG), LinkedIn Post (JPEG), LinkedIn Story (JPEG).


Download here: TikTok Video.

Printable Signs

Download printable signs here for Individuals: Image 1, Image 2.

Download printable signs here for Teams: Image 1, Image 2.

Radio PSAs

To access and save this year's Radio PSAs, please click here.

To access the radio chatter sheet, please click here.


Terry Fox Participate, Comm ID/ISCI: TFF-001-TFJOIN-21T30ERT, telecast#: TQCQMR05-G/P/HD

Terry Fox Donate, Comm ID/ISCI: TFF-003-TFDONATE-21T30ERT, telecast#: TINT1NRK-G/P/HD

Please click below to access our public service announcements – 30 seconds, broadcast quality. Also available on the Extreme Reach platform.
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To access and save this year's TV PSAs, please click here.