Terry could have been anyone in my town or school…

I was 13 years old and living in Golden BC. Almost every night my family would watch the news hour with dinner – which to me was mindless background noise. The first time they reported on Terry was the first time I remember paying attention to something other than the plate of food in front of me.

I had never realized that someone so young could get cancer or that it could happen to such a normal guy. Terry could have been anyone in my town or school, he was just like me. Terry also opened my eyes to big dreams and turning the impossible into the possible.

I became a bit fanatical about following his journey. I couldn’t wait to scour the newspaper each day or to sit and wait for an update on the news. Following the Marathon of Hope had such a sustained level of excitement for me – it was like the gold medal hockey game at the 2010 Olympics but played out over 143 days.

I remember my disbelief when Terry was forced to stop. It was so unfair. My mom and I cried when we heard the news of his passing.

Britt Andersen

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