“Anything is possible if you try.”
Terry Fox

Take the “Try Like Terry” Challenge

Here’s a way to get everyone involved, united safely and working towards a school fundraising goal! Watch as you build incredible school spirit by taking part in our “Try Like Terry” challenge!

You can encourage students to take part individually, ignite a friendly classroom competition or even launch a school-wide challenge! Have fun while supporting cancer research and showing off your very best “try”!

Simply choose an activity from below or create your own! Don’t be afraid to give it your best try and set amazing goals, just like Terry. Here’s a list of suggestions for some inspiration.

Share your fundraising link and challenge with your school community by email, on your website and social media.

Set up a student or classroom fundraising page under your school link to boost your fundraising and promote your “Try Like Terry” challenge with friends and family. For more instructions on how to set up a page, click here.

“Try Like Terry”
For Students

  • Students walk/run/ride 1km a day

  • Set up a student fundraising page

  • Bring in a donation or collect online

  • Try some Terry Trivia

  • Set a fundraising goal

“Try Like Terry”
For Classrooms

  • Challenge another class to get active

  • Set up a classroom fundraising page

  • 100% Classroom fundraising participation

  • Display a wall of wishes for cancer survivors

  • Challenge a class to beat your goal

“Try Like Terry”
As a Whole School

  • Get everyone to collect kms and funds

  • Share your school page socially

  • Challenge all students to meet a goal: “If we raise $500, then we get an extra recess, no homework day, movie, civies day, etc.”