This year, schools can celebrate their event on September 30 safely, in the classroom, or they can take part in classroom/individual “What’s Your 40?” Terry activities at any other time.

Terry showed us all that anything is possible if you try. He reminded us all that we can make a difference in the world and change people’s lives for the better. Now is your chance to do just that, by raising funds for your school’s Terry Fox school event. Whether it’s a classroom/individual activity, or a classroom show of support on one day, the end result remains the same; to raise funds for cancer research.

To set up a fundraising page, follow the instructions below.

1. Set up Your Student or Classroom/team page

Create your own student or classroom/team fundraising page with fun pics or inspirational messages, or use the ones we provide. Once you are signed up, you will be provided with a link to share on social media or email to your friends and family, so that they can make a secure credit card donation. #BeLikeTerry

  • Set a fundraising goal (just like Terry)

  • Sends emails to friends/loved ones asking them to sponsor you

  • Track your progress

  • Sports teams and classrooms can challenge each other

  • Have Fun!

Terry Fox School Run bff's
Be like Terry

2. Download a Pledge Sheet

Terry Fox was all about effort. You can put more effort into your fundraising by downloading a school pledge sheet and ask friends family and neighbours to sponsor you. Remember – pledge sheets also work great when used together with our online fundraising!

Download here
Girls participating

3. Follow us on Instagram

You can find us on Instagram at Terry_Fox_Foundation. We’d love to see you posts! Use hashtag: #BeLikeTerry

CLMS students participating in Terry Fox Run
Excited Terry Fox student

4. Terry Fox Class Projects

Every year thousands of students from across Canada take part in a Terry Fox class project. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together all our “Terry” resources in one place.

You can also celebrate your Terry Fox event this year by taking part in a “What’s Your 40?” classroom/individual activity. Click here for info on how to make it happen.

Terry’s Story
Terry class project