Set a Fundraising Goal

Terry Fox loved setting goals for himself, both in school and in the athletic arena. Your students are the same. Use your Terry Fox Run as an opportunity to talk about setting goals, both personally and school-wide. A school fundraising goal gives everyone the motivation to work together as a team with a clear and exciting objective. Celebrate with your students every day as your numbers inch closer to your goal!

Teacher with kids

Encourage your students to register Online

Students can create their own personal student fundraising page where they can add their own photos and inspirational message.  Once signed up students will be able to easily send emails (or share on social media) asking friends and relatives to sponsor them.

Terry Ran for me

Use Pledge Sheets

Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope was all about effort. He travelled city to city, town to town, asking people to make a donation that could help change the world. Your students can too by using your school pledge sheet. Encourage them to make their best effort to fill it up by asking parents, grandparents, neighbours, hockey coach, maybe even their dentist. Give them the courage to make the ask and the donations will follow!

Download Pledge Sheets
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Use the link to your schools fundraising page

Did you know your school has it’s on webpage where supporters (parents, friends, co-workers etc) can make donations directly to your school. It’s a great tool to quickly and easily get the word out about your schools run and ask for donations.

Send me the link to our school
  • Add the link to School newsletters (paper/email)
  • Post the link on your schools website
  • Email parents directly with the link
  • Ask teachers/faculty/committees  to post on their social media channels