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We’ve put together a collection of sample posts, tweets and images to help make your School Run the best it can be. #TerryFoxSchoolRun

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Sample Posts and Tweets

Sample Posts

Simply copy and paste or create your own. Don’t forget to attach an image (like one of the great shareable images above!)

  • This year, <School name> is so proud and excited to participate in the Terry Fox School Run on (date). To date, our school has raised <$xxx>for cancer research! Help us continue the tradition by showing your support. This year, our goal is <$xxx> and you can donate to support cancer research <school fundraising link> while building fantastic school spirit! Thank you for supporting our school in the fight against cancer and keeping Terry’s dream alive! #terryfoxschoolrun @terryfoxfoundation #tryliketerry
  • This year (School Name/Classroom) is participating in the #TryLikeTerry Challenge. We hope to reach our fundraising goal of (amount) by (task, ex. Walking 1km everyday, biking), just like Terry challenged himself every day. Please donate to our online fundraising page (link) to support your child’s classroom efforts to reach their goal and raise funds for cancer research. #tryliketerry #terryfoxschoolrun @terryfoxfoundation
  • For this year’s Terry Fox School Run, we will #TryLikeTerry! Just as Terry had to try every day and push himself to overcome obstacles, our students will try to challenge themselves everyday with their own #TryLikeTerry challenge. Donate at (school/classroom fundraising link) today to support our students in their efforts today! #tryliketerry #terryfoxschoolrun @terryfoxfoundation


Simply copy and paste or create your own. Don’t forget to attach an image (like one of the great shareable images above!)

  • <School Name> will be participating in this year’s 40th Anniversary of the Terry Fox Run. Please show your support by donating to our school’s online fundraising page . Thank you for your support in the fight against cancer! #terryfoxschoolrun @terryfoxfoundation
  • In honour of the 40th anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope, is participating in an exciting new Terry Fox Challenge. If we reach our fundraising goal of (amount) then (challenge promise). Please donate today (link) to help us reach our goal. @terryfoxfoundation
  • is proud to introduce our Be Like Terry Committee for this year’s Terry Fox event! has volunteered to take this on and is hard at work. Our fundraising goal is , you can help us reach it by donating today . #terryfoxschoolrun
  • New and safe this year: Terry Fox “What’s Your 40?” activities. These are activities that support the 40th Anniversary celebrations. It could be reading 40 books or raising $40 per student. Please donate to our school and support their try. @terryfoxfoundation

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A little picture can go a long way. By simply using our #TerryFoxSchoolRun profile pic in September all your peeps will know you’re a true “TerryFoxer!

Please use hashtag #TerryFoxSchoolRun. Check below for some sample posts and Tweets

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