*New* Terry Fox Assembly Video

“Terry Fox, Anything’s Possible” is a refreshing documentary that updates Terry Fox’s gripping story for today’s youth by featuring modern accounts of young cancer survivors, interviews with Fox family members and one of Canada’s leading Oncology specialists. The documentary intercuts never before seen archival footage with animation outlines, giving a unique, fresh look and style that are relatable to today’s youth.. Time: 12 min.

Download – best for assemblies, larger screens
Watch Online – best for computers, small classrooms

Assembly Speech (Pre Run)
Assembly Speech (Post Run)
Assembly Checklist

Holding a Terry Fox Assembly

Kick off your Terry Fox School Run with an inspiring assembly. Your students will be pumped and motivated to go the distance with your Terry Fox School Run. Terry united the country 39 years ago in the fight against cancer. Let’s continue the tradition together.

  • Build school spirit

  • Increase your fundraising for cancer research

  • Share Terry’s message of hope