Be Like Terry - week 2

41 years ago, a young man set out to make the world a little better by raising funds for cancer research. He set an incredible example of leadership and his legacy continues as students of all ages take up his cause each year by following in his footsteps. This year has many challenges for us and so we need our students to lead the way more than ever now. We invite all students to use Terry’s example of leadership, strength and determination to help lead the way to unleash their creativity and set great new examples of leadership, just like Terry did.

Students Lead The Way!

  • Give students an opportunity to organize your School Event

  • Broaden student social awareness

  • Raise much needed funds for cancer research

Check out our newly created 2020 Elementary Student Leadership and High School Event Planning guides to help you plan this year’s event. You’ll find lots of new fundraising strategies, ideas, and creative resources to help you structure your event. For more information or support in setting up a student leadership committee, contact us at 1-888-836-9786.

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High School Leadership Event Planning Guide
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