Starting a new Terry Fox Run

Getting Started

Someone once said that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Organizing a Terry Fox Run may not be easy (especially in your first year) it is absolutely worthwhile! On average, it takes about 30-40 hours over the course of the summer to organize a Terry Fox Run. It does not have to be a big event – whether 100 people come out, or just 10, it still leads to progress for cancer research.  The Terry Fox Foundation supplies everything you need to organize the Run: posters, pledge sheets, participation certificates, and other materials and merchandise. The cost to you is nothing and we will be with you every step of the way. All Runs must adhere to our Policies and Guidelines.

  • Register your Run
  • Organize your team
  • Pick your date and location
  • Have Fun!
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The Rewards

  • A real sense of participation, in being one of hundreds of fellow volunteers who help make The Terry Fox Run one of the world’s largest single-day fundraiser for cancer research in the world!
  • New friends and relationships through meeting and dealing with volunteers, participants, donors and people throughout your community!
  • Knowledge that you helped in the fight to eliminate one of the world’s greatest medical challenges – cancer!
  • Thanks from a very grateful Terry Fox Foundation and from the hundreds of researchers that depend on the Foundation for vital research funds!


Adhering to The Terry Fox Foundation policies; Terry himself set out many of the policies that govern the Run because he wanted it to be a grassroots, community- oriented event – you have the responsibility to see that those policies are followed.

Responsible for ensuring the safety of the route, accurate balancing of site paperwork and donations, representing the Foundation as a community ambassador.

Managing an inventory of merchandise; merchandise sales are a key means of fundraising (and promotion) – you have the responsibility to ensure that the merchandise is well tended and accounted for.

Making the necessary commitment of time and energy; Terry was, and continues to be today, an inspiration that draws hundreds of thousands of people to Run sites every year – you have the responsibility to ensure your Run site is properly organized and staffed, to make participation an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our most appreciated supporters.

We know our Run Organizers want to do the best job possible and managing time and priorities is always a challenge. More and more Organizers are looking at the role with the intention of bringing or learning some “project management” skills while on the job! It is a great opportunity to try out new skills or enhance existing ones, regardless of the size of the event. Your Provincial Office can help guide the way with a calendar of tasks and duties that are expected for a Run Organizer, together with timely communications throughout the pre-Run season.

What our Organizers say

Being a Terry Fox Run organizer is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. It is amazing to see my community rally around Terry every year, knowing that our efforts are going directly to cancer research.

Alison Stoneman
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