Our Research Programs at a Glance

*Many of our projects are pan-Canadian in nature and their research is conducted in more than one region.
Thus, project totals shown here should not be added up, as their sum will equal more than 47, the total number of projects we fund.
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*A number of researchers work on several projects across program types. While these individuals may be counted in more than one program type,
the total number displayed at the bottom reflects the individual number of researchers we fund: 435.
†Our projects are interdisciplinary by design and often apply to more than one cancer type. Our investment per cancer type is an estimation.
The interdisciplinary nature of our projects also means that the number of projects by cancer type should not be added,
as their sum will be more than 47, the number of projects we currently fund.
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The differences in numbers for projects, researchers and institutions between the two fiscal years (2017-18 shown here and 2018-19 shown at the top of the infographic)
reflect new developments at TFRI as well as the regular changes that come with our annual research operations and funding cycles.
TFRI is now focused on creating an initiative to accelerate precision medicine, known as the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network.
In preparation for the launch of the new network, over the last year TFRI has funded pilot projects that bring together multiple institutions within a region.
This explains why a smaller number of individual projects has been funded,
while there has been an increase in funded researchers and in partner institutions.
Additionally, as part of our operational cycle, some projects have been completed and their funding term has ended.
Our research investment total varies annually and is based on funds received from The Terry Fox Foundation and other funders.

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