Meet Ethan, an incredible young man following in Terry’s footsteps.

40 years after Terry Fox dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean beginning his Marathon of Hope, a young boy from from Newfoundland set out on his own fundraising adventure.

Meet 7 year old Ethan Smallwood from Clarke’s Beach, NL. This Halloween Ethan decided to do something very different – instead of asking for candy this incredible young man instead went door to door (dressed as his idol Terry Fox) asking for donations to The Terry Fox Foundation. Through his selfless efforts and the incredible generosity of Canadians (he has received over 500 donations from coast to coast) we are honoured to report that as of today Ethan has raised over $25,000 for cancer reserach.

Ethan’s mom wasn’t surprised when he announced his intentions. “He’s an old soul, always thinking of others.” says Candice Smallwood. “When he was 2 he would go the nursing home to visit my Nan but would end up playing with all the seniors, making them all feel better”. In regards to his fundraising efforts Ethan humble states, “it’s the least I could do given everything that Terry did while battling cancer”. “He’s my hero” Ethan told the Saltwire News network “He has a good heart.”

Ethan’s interest in Terry began when he learned about him in kindergarten two years ago. Today his room is filled with posters and books dedicated to his hero. He even created a “Terry Fox leg” to bring to show his class in Kindergarten.
Recently Ethan received an unexpected Skype call from none other than Terry’s brother Fred Fox. “Terry would be so proud of what you’re doing and Terry never, ever could have imagined that young kids like you who are inspired by him are keeping his dream alive,” says Fred Fox.

Proud indeed, Ethan we can’t thank you enough for inspiring us all to be better, to be like you, to be like Terry…

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Halloween 2019

Ethan’s Terry Fox leg

Ethan at 5

Ethan meeting Terry for the first time