Meet Aiden: Hockey Player and 10 Year Cancer Survivor

Diagnosed with bladder cancer at only 10 weeks old, Aiden’s family knew that he would have a long road ahead. Aiden endured 42 weeks of chemotherapy treatment and surgery to remove the tumor. Six months later, his cancer came back, resulting in another surgery and more chemo and radiation.

Fast forward to 2019 and Aiden is now 12 with a passion for hockey. A loyal Ottawa Senators fan, he loves cheering on his team, but also hitting the ice himself. Aiden continues to stay positive and challenge himself to reach new heights and overcome obstacles just like his hero Terry Fox. Aiden shares his story today with everyone he meets in the hopes that he too will inspire greater fundraising for cancer research so that other people won’t have to go through what he did.

Aiden is proud to be the 2019 Terry Fox School Ambassador.