Terry’s Legacy

In witnessing the suffering of fellow cancer patients, my brother Terry experienced the importance of cancer research in fueling progress and hope. Determined to take himself to the limit for his cause he set out on an improbable journey. Along the way, Terry shattered assumptions of human endurance and set a new standard for human compassion.  His legacy is one of hope and courage; he proved that one person really can make a difference. Because of his Marathon of Hope, cancer survivors have benefitted from three decades of progress in cancer research. What will your legacy be? I invite you to make Terry’s legacy part of yours by leaving a bequest to The Terry Fox Foundation in your will. You are truly an integral part of achieving Terry’s mission. Your generosity is the gift that will finally beat cancer.

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A legacy gift is a gift made in your will. It is an expression to those most dear to you of that which is most dear to you. A gift in your will brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived, while making a difference to your children and generations to come. While making that important difference, it can also significantly reduce your tax burden or the tax burden left to your loved ones.

We invite you to leave a legacy gift to the Foundation secure in the knowledge that your family and friends will benefit from our commitment to driving cancer research forward. Click here to view/download our Legacy Giving brochure or you can click the Learn More button to reach out to our helpful team.

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We left a bequest to The Terry Fox Foundation because the organization has stayed true to its roots, committed to using funds in the right way. Terry wanted cancer to be beaten; we want to contribute to changing the lives of generations to come. Leaving a gift in my will to the Foundation was the easiest way to support my favourite charity while still taking care of my family.

Carol and Max Baker

Help with Legacy Giving

There are many types of legacy gifts. Once you decide what you wish to achieve, contact a professional advisor to help you structure your Will to best achieve your goals. Types of gifts they may consider include:

  • Bequest
  • Gift of publicly traded securities
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Gifts of real estate
  • Life insurance

Because of the support of people like you, cancer research has made a difference. When Terry ran in 1980, nearly 50% of people who were diagnosed with cancer would not survive. Today:

  • 87% of Canadian women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive
  • 95% of Canadian men diagnosed with prostate cancer will survive

Despite the improvements in survival in some cancers, others continue to have low survival rates because of the aggressiveness of the disease, the late stage at which they were diagnosed or the lack of effective treatment options. For example, of young Canadians who get cancer, 20% will die.
Like Terry, your legacy can free generations to come from the pain caused by cancer.

“…the hurting must stop”  – Terry Fox

What do I need?

  • Our legal name, charitable number and address:
  • Legal Name: The Terry Fox Foundation
  • Charitable Number: 10809 9979 RR0001
  • Address: 150-8960 University High Street, Burnaby, BC V5A 4Y6

Is changing a will difficult?

  • No! You can change an existing will without having to rewrite it by having your legal advisor draft a simple document called a codicil.

Am I required to tell the Terry Fox Foundation?

  • You don’t have to advise us that you’ve left a gift to the Terry Fox Foundation in your will but please let us know so that we may thank you personally! Please contact Clark Vallis at 647-346-2352 or clark.vallis@terryfox.org

Legal Name: The Terry Fox Foundation
Charitable Number: 10809 9979 RR0001
Address: 150-8960 University High Street, Burnaby, BC V5A 4Y6

Why I Give

“I remember seeing Terry Fox on TV when he started his Marathon of Hope. To know a young man on one leg made it halfway across our country was extraordinary and his efforts have united Canada with so many runs done in his name.

My wife Helen and I began volunteering for the Terry Fox Run in Richmond in 1986. That’s when I really learned firsthand about the Foundation’s commitment to grassroots fundraising, maintaining a low cost to raise a dollar, and investing in the best researchers across our country.

Not long afterwards, Helen was diagnosed with a form of cancer that required research to find more treatment options. After Helen passed away in 2012, and after surviving my own battles with cancer, it became more important than ever to me, to seriously considered where my money would be directed after I passed. As a legacy donor, I control where my money goes and I want to support the future of cancer research at The Terry Fox Foundation.”

John Hopkins

John Hopkins

Why I Give

“In 1980, after Terry was forced to stop his run near Thunder Bay, CTV’s Lloyd Robertson hosted a telethon and asked the nation to “do something spontaneous for Terry.” I was inspired by Terry, who wasn’t much younger than I was, and I knew all too well how horrific cancer can be. My father, Ben, had died of lung cancer in 1976 at the age of 43 – which seemed impossibly young. When I heard about Terry’s mission, I was inspired and compelled to act, so I gathered a friend and ten of my students from Port Cartier, Quebec to join a “Run for Terry”. I’ll be doing my 40th this year and haven’t missed one since 1980.

I recently decided to create a gift in my will for The Terry Fox Foundation, which wasn’t spontaneous act, but is incredibly meaningful to me. As a long-time volunteer, donor, and fundraiser for this organization, I know that research takes time and understand, as Terry did, that each step matters on the path to achieving a goal. The gift in my will is one of those steps and a tribute to the people I’ve lost to cancer and the patients I’ll never meet.”

Debbie Laurie

Debbie with Terry’s lifelong friend Doug Alward

“I believe in miracles…I have to”

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