Happy Terry Fox cancer survivors

Join Terry’s Team – Cancer Survivors and Patients

Terry Fox Run Day is a special day for our participants. Many take part to honour loved ones who have battled cancer and strive to make a difference themselves. Some participants are patients or survivors themselves who embody the progress Terry hoped so fervently to see. They are proud members of our red-shirted brigade known as Terry’s Team.

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Show Your Spirit

Please register today as a Terry Fox Run participant and Terry’s Team Member. We are happy to provide you with a red shirt, free of charge, a symbolic image that reminds us all that the work we do together really matters.

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Share Your story

We are touched by the overwhelming number of people who have experienced cancer who are willing and eager to wear our special red shirt. We are proud that they are willing to show everyone how many people are surviving cancer today because of research dollars raised. If you would like to share your story with us to hopefully encourage and inspire others please click the “share your story button” below. We would be honoured to hear from you.

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