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Prostate Cancer , Breast Cancer , Colrectcancer , cervical Cancer .WE ARE SURVIVORS ❤️
by Dave & Stephanie Strong, posted on 5:01 PM, September 24, 2014
My Mother passed away in 1968 @ 51 years of age , from Cervical Cancer. I was 15 my sister was 17. When a Mother dies the lifeline that holds the family together is gone. My husband and I , married for 26 years, are both cancer survivors. He is a Two time Cancer survivor . Prostate cancer and surgery in 2001 , they tod him he had three years to live . We were very lucky , he is still here . In 2004 , @ 51 ( the age my Mother past ) I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had a double mastectomy , a year later I had a 14 hour reconstruction surgery, with moving the fat from my stomach to make the breasts . I did not want any silicon, or saline in my body. Then in 2010 , my husband was diagnosed with Colrectal Cancer . After surgery , he was in the hospital for 41 days and lost 51 lbs . Now he is back to his normal weight and all is fine. We are so very lucky we are survivors. For years we have done the Terry Fox walk/run , even when I worked in Paris Ontario and Terry was doing his run I drove out to where he was running and gave him some money from our office and told hi how I admired his strength and dedication . He changed the world regarding Cancer.
My Terry Fox Run
by Sandy Oxford, posted on 1:56 PM, September 24, 2014
This year I couldn't do the run on Sept. 14th so I chose Sept. 24th, the National School Run Day, to do my own Terry Fox run. I chose the old Sussex, NB route and posted a personal best time of 52 minutes. I try to think of Terry every year and celebrate life and the ability to still run. Terry Fox, you are my inspiration, a true Canadian hero and legend.
Sept. 24/14 after my Terry Fox Run
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